The EquipmentStatus Software is made up of 3 modules.

  • EquipmentStatus Site Developer 
  • EquipmentStatus Mobile
  • EquipmentStatus Analysis

EquipmentStatus Site Developer is a tool is designed to edit the data within EquipmentStatus Mobile. Develop all your audits and inspections for any machine type. Full version control and report development. Manage user access to specific audits and inspections. Very simple to use and able to store large volumes of data securely.

EquipmentStatus Mobile is designed to operate on Windows 2003 and up software on a Tablet PC. This software is an electronic audit/inspection sheet which adds amazing functions and information back to the Inspector about the tasks they are required to carry out.

This software is designed to maintain the process and to document all the events and findings throughout the process.

Key features being the Non Compliance Management and Condition Monitoring data collection ability provides the inspector powerful decision making information.

The software has been designed by people that have done the job and know what is required to carry out effective inspections and audits to mobile equipment.

EquipmentStatus Analysis the reporting system.

This powerful analysis software provides middle management to tools to make effective decisions on the health of the equipment. Management of the non compliance and condition monitoring results is a key feature which provides the team critical information as soon as the audit is completed.

No more paper work to handle and control.

The Analysis software also manages the Scheduled Audits due for completion as well providing live status of current audits in progress.

Improving turnaround times can be managed more effectively through easy analysis of the data of times taken to do particular tasks, stages and zones by machine type and audit type. Focus efforts can be applied to specific areas to reduce time and then reassessed using the data collected through the software.

The new software provides even greater results to the overall equipment inspection/audit process. Eliminating waste in the paper flow and decision making processes.

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Below is some impressive videos on the suggested hardware in which our software solution can be applied. 

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