Onsite Training and Support

We follow a 4 stage process from site review to follow up reviews. This process is designed to provide the highest level of understanding of the system. Supporting the implementation of any new system is important to achieving the value and expected outcomes.

We communicate and present to all levels involved. Working closely with your personnel to provide a smooth and effective implementation.

ZMi P/L follows 4 major steps in the implementation process.

Site Review -  A review of your current processes, practices and systems are and what is required from your current audit/inspection process. This is important to be well define so that it is captured during the development and implementation phases. 

Development - This can be performed by you, by us or combined. Generally a combined effort for the first stage of the development helps with the practical training of the users. Within a couple of days, key users can work productively within the system generating the audits or inspections you require.

Implementation is the doing phase, where communication and applying the suggested changes are presented and applied. Detailed testing and measuring takes place to compare the previous results to the applied changes. Each new step is discussed, trialed and measured against the site review base line.

is a follow up phase to ensure that users have a good understanding of the system and it is achieving the results expected.
During this time, further training is offered along with identifying other areas of the process where waste can be eliminated.

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