A Simple Repeatable Process

EquipmentStatus provides a simple and repeatable method of auditing or inspecting mechanical equipment. Our system follows a defined process with easy principles for the work force to adopt and to manage. Quick results are guaranteed, with increased focus on safety, quality of audit and turnaround times enhanced.

The Method

EquipmentStatus is a software tool which drives the auditing or inspection process.

Typically what you see with audits and inspections is that they are paper based without a structured flow which can cause unnecessary back tracking and wasted time. The EquipmentStatus process directs the user in a tested path from start to finish. Each and every Inspector will perform the inspection/audit the same way each and every time, ensuring that all the tasks are completed and non conformance are logged.

This is a different but effective way of performing equipment inspections or audits. As the system is electronic, we can present large volumes of data at the specific time it is required. No searching of work packs or reference material, all this is present, when and if, required.

Where a non conformance is identified, you can simply register it, take an image or record an audio. Previously recorded non conformance's to the same equipment can be viewed, enabling the Inspector to change the status. Simple and time effective.

EquipmentStatus is designed to address the typical issues seen within the most Industries, especially within the inspections or audits of mobile equipment

  • Poor skill levels and competencies
  • Poor non conformance identification & management practices
  • Poor data collection methods and management
  • Poor turnaround times (wasted time back tracking or searching information)
  • Poor process controls and management. No repeatable practices between shifts and individuals
  • Poor safety standards at task level
  • Poor availability of information at task level
  • Poor understanding of task purpose or procedures
  • Loss of knowledge through high staff turn over
  • High maintenance and management costs
  • Lack of standards and set expectations
  • Lack of focus on reducing waste
  • Lack of change management successes
  • Lack of standard practices between multiple sites within the same organisation
  • Poor systems in place. Systems driving the process and decisions rather than process driving the system and decisions

Like our other solutions, EquipmentStatus has been compared to Lean Thinking philosophy. Stripping waste from the process.

What are the expectations?

The expectations are totally up to the client’s needs and business requirements. 
By following our methods and using the system to its design, improved turnaround time is easily achieved. At the end of the audit/inspection, the Inspector can print off the completed audit or email the report to who ever is required. No need to go back to the office and spend time writing reports, the system generates the report outlining what was done, when, by whom and what was found to be of concern.

What we do is work closely with your teams, communicate on all levels to explain what can be achieved and what the system and process is about. The core of the system remains the same, the outer edges of the system is very flexible and blends with the sites environment and needs. It is more than a software system it is a method and defined process.
We believe and experienced that a 30-40% improvement across the combined auditing time frames is achievable. 

This is achievable if the following applies

  • The business needs to do something serious to survive
  • The NEED must out way the resistance
  • That it is a win/win situation for all parties

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